14 September 2009

Back by popular demand...

1) Christchurch has the highest nutter-to-population ratio。 Probably in the world.

2) Base Hostel doesn't keep track of it's visitors.

3) New Zealand beer, despite what they say across the Ditch, is really quite nice.

4) Brazilians speak Portuguese.

5) They don't like speaking English.

6) Despite nice beer, Kiwi's don't do pubs like us Poms.

7) Never take a 70 year old woman's advice on walking times. She's clearly never done the walk before.

8) Cookies, Nutri Grain and Biscuits are not great trekking food.

9) Walking shoes, as opposed to running trainers, are needed for walks that last more than a few hours.

10) Hitchhiking is safe. And very, very enjoyable.

11) Factory work is tedious, dull and humiliating.

12) Removals work is the opposite to that.

13) A vase will not survive a fall from a balcony rooftop.

14) There are too many Irish pubs.

15) Cookie Time is the food of Kings.

16) Penguins and dolphins are overrated.

17) I will never again attempt to cook a fry-up.

18) Bungy jumps are MUCH better than Skydives.

19) I am an expert skimmer. Sian is not.

20) The West Coast gets a lot of rain.

21) Kiwi's can't drive. (Not the bird form, the human form).

22) If you put a pretty girl in a pub of just men, those said men will try everything to get with said girl. Even if she is clearly with someone.

23) Blenheim (NZ's wine country) does not serve spritzers, house wine or rose.

24) Always wake up before 7am if you are sleeping in a designated 'No Camping' zone.

25) Any New Zealander that claims Auckland is busy has never been to London.

1 comment:

  1. 17) Thank god!
    18) Im not going to argue with that....was pretty impressive.
    19) you're not as good as you think you are, Slow!

    Sian xx